What does ASendIt
stand for? “DEFY GRAVITY and SENDIT!”

SendIt is a lifestyle and way of life that all people can connect with who love gravity sports. Everyone has experienced that moment when looking down at that big jump or that huge drop in and the adrenaline begins to run through your veins. The battle begins from within and overcoming your own fear to Defy Gravity and Send It can sometimes be challenging. Easier said than done when facing a 30-foot gap jump that has critical consequences that could put you in the hospital with serious injuries. That risk or danger of doing what we love to do is what makes gravity sports so exciting and the high, when overcoming your fear and sending it, is like no other. The definition of defying gravity is to “Resist it boldly” and “Refuse to obey”.


These are the principles you are embodying when you “Send it”.


When you wear your ASendIt gear you are declaring that I live to the beat of my own drum, I am not afraid to go against the norm, I ignore the naysayers, I can overcome my fears, and I always get back up when I fall down, and I am not afraid to Send It!

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